cabaret Paradis Latin, Paris

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1802. Bonaparte, who was then First Consul,
decided to have a theatre built
on rue des Fossés Saint-Victor,
The "Théâtre Latin" [Latin Theatre]
- so was it called - was inaugurated in 1803.

After 1830, it became one of the meccas of Parisian nightlife.
It's a fashionable establishment frequented by a heterogeneous
clientele among whom artists of every ilk rubbed elbows with the middle class, intellectuals, students, workers, merchants, and those aristocrats willing to associate with riff-raff. It was the world of "Illusions perdues" [lost Illusions] of Honoré de Balzac

cabaret Paradis Latin, Paris
cabaret Paradis Latin, Paris

1870. Franco-Prussian War.
A fire destroyed the Théâtre Latin.

1887. Paris was preparing for the "Exposition universelle" [World Fair] of 1890.Gustave Eiffel,
whose construction of the Eiffel Tower had already begun,
was assigned the task of rebuilding the new theatre.

2 January 1889. The main theatre was inaugurated
under its new name, Paradis Latin. It was an immediate triumph: every evening all available seats were sold out

The 1890s. As of 1894, Montmartre became the most fashionable area of Paris. The Paradis Latin suffered from the geographical relocation of the center of Parisian nightlife. Financial difficulties immediately preceded its closing.
Ten years later, an earthenware manufacturer and glass-maker, Charles Leune, purchased the building and installed a kiln and filling workshop.


1973. A real estate developer, Jean Kriegel, bid for the building which stood at 28 and 28A, rue du Cardinal Lemoine. He wanted to restore the old building and transform it into apartmentss.

Charmed by the magic of the place, Jean Kriegel decided to devote this theatre to the celebration of Paris, which should have always been its raison d'être.

1973-1976. The theatre was restored according to Eiffel's plans-720 seats

1977. The theatre's artistic creation, direction and production were entrusted to Jean-Marie Rivière. On 14 November 1977, he presented "Paris Paradis," a poetic burlesque show produced with the aid of his accomplices, Pierre Simonini and Frédéric Botton.
It was a triumph.

This event marked the revival of Paradis Latin.


cabaret Paradis Latin, Paris

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cabaret Paradis Latin, Paris